Virgin Resin vs. Regrind Resin.png
Virgin Resin vs. Regrind Resin
Is using regrind resin the future trend? While pursuing profits, we should also strive to maintain a good natural environment for the next generation. Let's strive together. Our custom-recycled PP products are eligible for GRS certification.
GRS Customized Recycled Plastic Pellets.png
GRS Customized Recycled Plastic Pellets
What! Recycled plastics can be customized? Let the experts in plastics transform your plastics, Don't treat plastics as trash; let them revive with a new life! Our custom-recycled PP products are eligible for GRS certification.
Happy Dragon Boat Festival
Happy Dragon Boat Festival
The gentle breeze brushes past, carrying with it the fragrance of the occasion. It's that time of the year again – Dragon Boat Festival! Are you ready to welcome the weekend? Let's cherish this joyous traditional festival together, savoring moments of laughter and happiness. Let's enjoy some rice dumplings and perhaps take a refreshing bath in the noontime sun! Wishing everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival.
Plastic/Resource Recycling Logo No. 1-7 (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE) fog brake? Understand the resource recovery sign in seconds
In fact, the plastic products we come into contact with every day have plastic recycling signs marked with No. 1 to No. 7, and these 7 numbers represent different plastic materials, and their characteristics, uses and heat resistance are also different. Start by understanding the plastic recycling logo to make your plastic recycling more secure!
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Specialized in the specification and batch production of various recycled PP materials.

Customized adjustments are made according to the product conditions required by customers. In order to ensure the stable quality of the recycled materials, we have set up a quality assurance laboratory, so that the recycled plastic pellets can not only meet the needs of customers, but also save costs for customers, increase competitiveness, and contribute to the recycling of energy.



1.Incoming Inspection

Conduct inspections for specific gravity flotation, appearance, cleanliness, purity, and other relevant criteria.

2.Sorting and Storage

Categorize and store materials based on color, properties, and physical characteristics.

3.Formulation and Adjustment

Operate a specialized laboratory to perform physical property analysis and customize formulations according to customer requirements.

4.Mixing and Processing

Blend raw materials uniformly according to the formulated recipe.

5.Physical Property Testing

Include tests for melt index, yield point tensile strength, fracture point elongation, flexural modulus, notch impact strength, and Rockwell hardness.

6.Extrusion and Granulation

Implement standardized production processes to produce high-efficiency and high-yield products.

7.Quality Assurance Inspection

Conduct inspections at every stage of production, perform regular calibration, and maintain equipment to ensure each batch of raw materials meets quality standards.

8. Packaging and Shipping

Create labels and packaging identification based on customer specifications.



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nature color GF.png
GRS-Customized PPGF
● Application: Automotive Parts / Construction Industry / Electronics Industry / Sports Equipment
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PP Impact Resistant Black.png
GRS-Customized PP Impact Resistant
● Application: Sports Equipment/Bicycle Pedals
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GRS-Customized PP TALC
● Application: Sports Equipment/Office Furniture/Automotive Accessories/Home Appliances
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PP High Melt Flow Index.png
GRS-Customized PP High Melt Flow Index
● Application: Office Furniture/Home Goods
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Natural Color.png
GRS-Customized PP Natural Color
● Application: Office Supplies / Daily Necessities
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White Color.png
GRS-Customized PP White Color
● Application: Office supplies / Household appliances / Daily necessities
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GRS-Customized PP Color Matching
● Application: Office supplies / Daily necessities
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GRS-Customized PP Color Matching
● Application: Office supplies / Daily necessities